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The Top 10 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Activities for People of All Ages

While Valentine’s Day has religious roots, they are no longer as widely followed as they once were, and the holiday has evolved into something entirely different. Now is the time to treat yourself to a romantic supper, remind your family how much you love and appreciate them, send flowers, and indulge in some chocolate. While it is mostly a commercial holiday, students may be interested in learning more about it if it is not widely observed in their nation or is observed differently.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Beginners

1 Make cards for Valentine’s Day.

While an arts and crafts activity will take up the majority of the Valentine’s lesson, younger children and novices will like it, and you can give them some practice listening to directions like fold, cut, and glue. Rather of having everyone in your class make the identical valentine, let them choose the materials and patterns they want to use, but show them some samples. The final section of the course, when students must write a message on their cards, will focus on English. Introduce some classic Valentine’s Day messages in a straightforward manner.

2 Word Searches for Valentine’s Day

When teaching new vocabulary, word searches can be beneficial since they push pupils to concentrate on spelling while disguising as a game. This is a lot more fun than continually writing or spelling words out loud.

3 Flashcards for Valentine’s Day

Make flashcards with the new Valentine’s Day terminology you’ve learned. This is another pastime that involves arts and crafts. Students should color different images and then give their words to the class with help. These can be hung around the classroom for students to reference and display their artistic accomplishments.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Intermediates

4 Valentine’s Day Listening

Use a love song as the basis for a listening activity. Where you are in your textbook may influence your song choices by determining which grammar point you want to focus on. Students can listen to the music, fill in the blanks, answer comprehension questions, and then talk about what the song means.

5 Poem for Valentine’s Day

Make a lyrical list of the things that are important to them. Writing a poem may be too difficult at this point, but starting with “I adore” and then just naming stuff should be within their capabilities. At the end of class, students can read their work aloud.

6 Crossword Puzzles for Valentine’s Day

To focus on Valentine’s Day vocabulary, create a crossword puzzle. You could also give them visuals to match with each word, or you could use images as cues instead of words. As a class, go over the answers.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Intermediate and Advanced Students

7 Valentine’s Day Around The World Discuss

How Valentine’s Day is observed in different parts of the world. For example, in the United States, women are more likely to get Valentine’s Day gifts, whereas in Japan, males receive Valentine’s Day gifts while women receive White Day gifts in March. You can start the topic with a reading or simply by asking students what they know about the festival and providing them with some useful information.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Experts

8 Poems for Valentine’s Day

Encourage your students to write their own poetry. “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you,” is a simple way to introduce this issue. Students can choose whether or not to write a Valentine’s Day poem. You may wish to offer a few examples and have students follow the beat or meter of one of them, depending on their abilities.

9 Discussion Topics for Valentine’s Day

Prepare a related topic of discussion. You may tell a short romantic narrative, such as this one (The Origins of Saint Valentine’s Day), or discuss the numerous ways people express love or affection for the people in their lives. Certain themes will appeal to the kids in your class more than others, so choose wisely.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

10 Food and a Valentine’s Day Costume Party

You may bring in miniature chocolates or candy hearts for your students to enjoy if your school allows it. If you bring candy hearts in, they’ll even have an English component so you can talk about the different messages. It’s possible that this isn’t appropriate for all classes. To engage students in the holiday spirit, urge them to wear red, white, and pink.

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to make your classes a little more memorable. February, although being the shortest month of the year, often seems to drag on, so sprucing up your classroom for a day or week could be just the thing to lift everyone’s spirits.



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