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The Best Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

For stay-at-home moms who want to earn some extra cash, it can be hard to find legitimate jobs that will fit into your schedule and provide steady income. Fortunately, there are plenty of part time work from home jobs that fit the bill perfectly, whether you want to sell something online or enjoy some flexible hours that allow you to spend more time with your family. Here are five of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms and how to get them in just a few easy steps!

How These Jobs Can Benefit Mom

Many stay-at-home moms or dads find it difficult to work from home because they are forced to become a jack of all trades, since many typical jobs (such as customer service positions) require them to leave their home in order to do. However, with some part time home jobs, you can simply do your job from your kitchen table and provide additional income for your family. Part time home jobs allow you to raise your children in a safe environment while still being able to earn money. For mom’s or dad’s looking for work at home opportunities, it’s hard to beat a job that allows you flexibility in hours and location.

Create an Effective Plan

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, part time work from home jobs can be a great way to earn some extra money without too much hassle. Many moms find success with affiliate marketing or driving for ride share services like Uber or Lyft; however, most successful stay at home moms will tell you that it’s important to figure out what kind of job will fit into your routine. Some working moms leave their children in childcare while they work regular hours. Other working moms have no problem bringing their kids with them on errands and assignments; however, others may prefer to have childcare or nannies take care of their children when they’re at work so they can focus all of their attention on earning an income online.

Research Remote Opportunities

If you’re interested in staying home to raise your children while also working, it might be tempting to jump at any opportunity that comes your way. But you’ll likely end up frustrated if you jump into a job that requires daily interaction with people who don’t live in your home. Consider remote positions and make sure that your potential employer will not require regular contact, because interaction is difficult if everyone involved is not present. Also consider carefully what hours are required so you can make sure they will fit into your family schedule. Work from home jobs are great opportunities for stay-at-home moms because there are more opportunities than ever before and we do our best work when we have time to clear our minds from distractions!

Determine What You Want To Do

Before you can figure out what jobs are right for you, you need to know what your job search priorities are. Do you want flexibility? Then remote work might be a good fit. You’ll have less face time with colleagues and bosses, but you’ll have more control over your schedule. Are you looking to make some extra cash while caring for your kids? Becoming a virtual assistant or taking on an online teaching role could be options worth exploring. And if balance is most important to you, consider starting a small business or becoming an expert consultant on one of your favorite topics. Get clear on where your priorities lie—that way it’ll be easier to zero in on positions that check off all of those boxes.

How to Find a Job as a Mom at Home

Finding a job as a stay-at-home mom can be tough, but there are plenty of companies who are looking to hire home workers. To land that perfect part time work from home job as a mom at home you’ll want to look at companies with remote jobs or jobs that allow telecommuting. These include small businesses, writing and editing firms, ad agencies, and large corporations like Avon and Mary Kay. It’s up to you how dedicated you want to be about finding full time work from home jobs; it could take months before you find something that fits your schedule and is also a great fit for your skillset. Make sure you’re flexible about taking temporary positions until something full time comes along so that your efforts don’t go unrewarded.

7 Ways to Succeed in a Job From Home

Working from home is a dream come true for some people and a nightmare in disguise to others. Sometimes it’s not about how well you can do your job; sometimes it’s about how far you can get distracted by Netflix and social media. To succeed at a work-from-home job, start with these seven tips: 1. Set Up an Office at Home – If you’re going to work from home, keep your house clean and make sure your office space has a door to close. It’s easy to find yourself getting distracted if you have kids or pets around (or both). 2. Put on Clothes! – Working from home isn’t just working in pajamas—even if that sounds like heaven.

Take Advantage of Free Training Programs

Many companies offer free training programs to make sure you are up to speed on your new job. It’s smart to take advantage of these opportunities. Not only will they make you better at your new career, but they can also help you make connections with other people in your field who could become valuable contacts in time. If you have moved into a new industry, ask around at networking events or check out online forums to see if there are any training programs being offered by anyone in your area. Don’t forget about continuing education courses: Many jobs require that professionals earn certain credentials on a regular basis, so schools often provide these classes either free or for a reduced price. Take advantage of them!

Have Patience and Stick With It

It’s not easy to find a job from home, so if you stick with it and keep looking, you’ll eventually land a gig. Sure, it might not be something you want to do forever. But it could be a great side gig while you get your online business up and running—or something that helps pay your bills while your husband goes back to school or while your kids are in sports season. It’s up to you! So have patience and don’t let one opportunity discourage you from looking at other jobs available at home. You never know what opportunities will come out of desperation—you might just find that part time work is actually full time!

Get Paid on Performance, Not Hours Worked

One of the most underrated aspects of starting a stay-at-home business is that you get to choose how you want to get paid. If you have a full time job, then getting paid per hour or project makes sense. But if you are working from home and can set your own hours, consider finding a company that pays on performance—because who wouldn’t love to be rewarded on a larger paycheck? This also means hiring yourself can be one of your best business decisions because paying yourself provides some motivation during lean times when your profit margins don’t look so great. And hey—you may even like working for yourself! Many entrepreneurs say they go into business for themselves just because they love what they do.

Prioritize Your Life/Lifestyle First

To be sure, working from home can give you more control over your life. But part time work from home jobs that allow you to work your own hours—say evenings and weekends—don’t exist in a vacuum. If you want to see your family and friends regularly or at least have a social life, they will compete with working from home. If your dream job is an office job that lets you leave at 5:00 p.m., then looking into remote or telecommuting opportunities might not be a good fit if that means sacrificing those needs in your personal life. It’s important to remember what’s most important to you when considering any type of work opportunity—whether it’s full time, part time, or telecommuting.



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