Wheel LED Light Valve in Pakistan



Are you looking for Wheel LED Light Valve in Pakistan? Wheel LED Light Valve is another new and varied product offered by naaptolshop pakistan. This Valve is a light valve that helps illuminate the inner part of the wheel for all types of vehicles. Comes with adjustable screws on any bicycle wheel or cars easily.

The W Wheel LED Light Valve operating system is very simple. When the car is moving, then the wheel of the LED valve starts to light up when the car stops the lighting valve also stops working. The Wheel LED Light Valve is powered by the battery that comes with the package. To use the LED wheel valve, you must remove the partition / piece of paper between the batteries before the LED valve wheel is ready for use.

The Wheel LED Light Valve is a suitable product that you can use on a car wheel during the night, fog or bad weather. The LED valve package has two valves, so if you have a bike, it is enough for one bike. However, if you have a car, you will need to buy 2 to use on all 4-wheel LEDs of your car.

Tire Light Valve is powered by 3 AG10 batteries, included in the package. Additional batteries are readily available on the market. All interested customers can easily purchase the Wheel LED Light Valve just by dialing


Amazing At the top of the Wheel LED Light Valve line
Turn on when the car or bike is moving from where the car is parked
Origianal Powered by AG10 batteries (Packaged)
It comes in different colors cash on delivery
Compatible with English or American Standard valve systems
Suitable for adverse weather conditions and low light conditions


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