Usb Portable Mini Fan Air Conditioner in Pakistan




Are you looking Usb Portable Mini Fan Air Conditioner in pakistan No concerns in case you are inner or outside, in a room or eating hall, you can take your mini USB air conditioning fan with you everywhere. It is the quality cooling fan for women who paintings an excessive amount of withinside the kitchen in the course of the recent summer time season season. Buy this USB transportable mini ac in Pakistan and experience nice air even withinside the kitchen. You can vicinity this cooling USB transportable air situation for your shelf going through it in the direction of you and you could have cool air at the same time as cooking.


Usb Portable Mini Fan Air Conditioner in pakistan is likewise broadly utilized in automobiles. During warm summertime, our car’s engine someday receives overheated so this is good for your automobiles too. Even truck drivers, taxi driving forces, and mainly faculty select out and drop trucks may have this of their cars. You also can use Usb Portable Mini Fan Air Conditioner in pakistan in places of work at your table. This USB transportable mini ac in Pakistan is likewise pleasant for college kids who’ve to observe difficulties in the course of the summertime season and that they won’t cool air. Mini Ac is your private air cooler which you may region for your very own table or table. It is a completely affordable product absolutely in your range. It doesn’t require a whole lot of strength consumption. You simply want AA batteries or a USB plug source. So, Mini Portable Air Conditioner in Pakistan will now no longer affect your power payments like different electric-powered cooling fans.

Experience the cool air on hot summer days with USB Portable Mini Air Conditioner in Pakistan. Order now from We deliver the best quality 100% original as seen on pictures.



  • A portable fan can be worked in the car, home, office, indoor and outdoor
  • Perfume can also be added to make air welcome
  • Perfect for use in summer
  • Most suitable for ladies working in a kitchen
  • A handy fan can be placed anywhere anytime
  • Travel friendly can also be used in cars
  • More than 6 hours of Working on Good AA Cell
  • Low energy consumption and Low Sound
  • Attractive and lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Portable & Durable
  • Two setting and points to adjust the wind


How to use it?

Take it out from the box. Take its drawer out and upload a few cubes of ice in it. You also can add your favorite heady perfume in it however it’s completely optional. There are strength alternatives to be had on this mini air conditioner. One manner is to apply three AA batteries and the opposite manner is to apply its USB plug. To perform with AA batteries, open the battery holder and insert batteries in it, and near it. To perform with a USB plug, join the USB with any strength base. Switch at the mini fan ac and feature a groovy breeze.


Product Specifications

  1. Name: Usb Portable Mini Fan Air Conditioner
  2. Condition: New
  3. SIZE: 105 x 135 x 110mm
  4. Included in package: Mini Fan, USB Cable (inside its drawer)
  5. Color: Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Purple
  6. Power: 5V USB, 3 AA Battery
  7. Function: USB plug, Water-cooled Air, Push-button, Fragrance
  8. 50ml water capacity into the scent box
  9. Material ABS & Electronic components
  10. Weight: 415.16 g


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