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Naaptol Pakistan

naaptol pakistan big online store

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Are you looking for a good deal with a steam suana bath machine? Are you worried about your excess weight and want to look good and smart? It is a latest and a good quality product that brings a portable sauna bath with 2 thermostats that help you to lose weight in your body and help you to lose calories. With this personal sauna bath, tou can save your time to go in the gym and  other fitness places. you can use this incresible machine in home anytime to have thinner and lighter skin than before.

Now everyone is worried about high and unwanted calories and wants to cut down on days. The steam bath is designed by the efforts of top nutritionists who have found real and simple ways to burn high calories. A hot shower allows you to look smart and youthful by bringing on light skin. It helps to improve blood circulation and body composition and makes Suwa feel clean and functional even after taking 2 bath thermostats.

Baths with Sauna Bath Machine is very used to detoxify the body and burn more fat and calories. It has the ability to heal the mind and body and has a cool effect with its aromatherapy quality. After taking a massage you can relieve all the discomfort and fatigue and empower more activity. Plus, you can always carry it because of its portable quality. The uniqueness of this body system is that you can take it with you wherever you like. Its use is unlimited as you experience using it. Sauna bath also contains Aromatherapy that soothes your body and mind. This steam treatment also improves your metabolic rate and gives your body everything you need.


1-Suitable for all genders and no limit of age factor.

2-You can easily change the sauna bath time. Low operating costs and do it for you.

3-The health benefits of using this sauna machine include: weight loss, skin rejuvenation, relief of joint pain, increased blood pressure, weight gain, reduced stress and fatigue, and increased overall energy levels.

4- Anti-dry

5- Constant temperature

6- It helps to burn extracalories and detoxify the body.

7- It brings light to the skin and makes us look younger.

8- Aromatherapy for healing and soothing the mind and body.


  • Name: Steam Sauna Bath Machine
  • Type: Gym Exercise Tool
  • Power: 230 V / 50 H2
  • Wattage: 600 Watt (Approx) 60 Minute Default Time
  • Safety: 2 Thermostats
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Product Packing: 1 X Suana Bath
  •                                1 X Booklet


Stainless Steel Sauna Steamer Pot and Controller, Power 850w Maximum 1.5L.

Feel free and don’t worry about this Sauna Bath appliance.


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