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Are you looking Snap n Grip in Pakistan? It is a tool that every home and every worker needs now, because nuts and bolts are being used in everything.  The Snap n Grip is a modern and regularly occurring set of wrenches. These two common wrenches combining the organization keep of a hoop wrench with the easy technique of conventional open-stop wrench.

The major benefit of these wrenches is that, customers can paintings on nearly each sort of nuts and bolts irrespective of their size. The regularly occurring set of equipment will adapt the scale of the nuts and bolts with the aid of using themselves. The Snap n Grip is the only answer of all of your troubles linked with valves, pipes, taps, boilers, wheels, radiators etc.

The Snap n Grip is essentially set of regularly occurring wrenches. With those multipurpose wrenches, there may be no want to get steeply-priced and units of heavy wrenches.


  • Universal wrenches for every nuts and bolts.
  • Automatically suits to the dimensions and form of nuts and bolts. Instant option to your issues with taps, valves, pipes and piping, wheels etc.
  • Easy running with simply one hand movement
  • Lightweight and self-adjusting
  • Easily suits to all of the bolts starting from 9mm to 32mm
  • Efficient, Practical, Light weight and portable
  • It can assist in tackling all varieties of nuts and bolts, be it of any form or size
  • The product offers steady grip to preserve it strongly whilst running because of its rubberized grip.


How to Use Snap n Grip?

These multipurpose wrenches may be used for all kinds of nuts and bolts. Apart from tightening and loosening the nut and bolts, those regularly occurring wrenches also can be utilized in numerous packages as carpentry, plumbing and a big selection of storage and mechanical packages. The Snap n Grip is simple to handle. It’s very lightweight, long lasting and portable. The patented layout of Snap n Grip gives a whole lot of flexibility to customers in managing of multi-responsibilities simultaneously


Material Info
Brand Snap n Grip
Length 9mm to 32mm
Weight 0.57kg
Made with Alloy Steel
Head Style C shape


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