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Naaptol Pakistan

naaptol pakistan big online store

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Are you looking for the Flex Tape in Pakistan? Are you a DIY fanatic and continually searching out first-class merchandise to deal with one of a kind sorts of repairing tasks? If yes, then all of your efforts have now no longer long past in useless and you’ve come to the proper vicinity. The legitimate franchise of the DA Store PAKISTAN has provide you with a completely unique and revolutionary choice that you may really locate useful. The call of this product is Flex Tape.

The Flex Tape, because the call suggests, is an revolutionary and innovative product designed to well patch cracks, gaps, tears or even huge holes with minimum effort. The Flex Tape is certainly considered one among form of tape this is water-resistant and it could be used to save you the access of water, air and moisture in nearly anything. Due to this first-class, you may use the flex tape to seal vents or air ducts of conditioning system.


The Flex Tape is made of the backing of thick rubberized and bendy fabric that firmly holds directly to any form of form or object. The flex tape has a width of four Inches, so that you can without difficulty vicinity it even underwater. The flex tape is crafted from VOC-free, UV resistant fabric and it could endure harsh climatic situations without difficulty. All you need to do is to well reduce the tape and observe onto the leaky spot, that’s all.


This is possibly the correct product to prevent pipe leakages, roof leakages, water tank leakages and it could even use to right away prevent the leakage of boats, kayaks, and so on. You may even used the Flex Tape to prevent the leakage of inflatable pool. For greater comfort and simplicity of operation, the flex tape is that it could be without difficulty used from the internal of a water primarily based totally tank.


The Flex Tape may be used on quite a few fabric along with the wood, aluminum, ceramic, porcelain, rubber, glass, fiberglass, concrete, plastic, vinyl, drywall, plaster and so on. Now you don’t want to spend lots on rendering the offerings of a professional, as you may your self can satisfy this motive with outstanding precision, ability and accuracy.


The Flex Tape might be the pleasant choice to use in homes, offices, business centers, clinical centers, journey golf equipment and so on. You can without difficulty buy this precise product simply via way of means of dialing the quantity  03001234567out of your cellular or landline quantity and that’s all.


Features of the Flex Tape:


  1. Instant option to patch up huge holes, cracks and gaps
  2. Waterproof tape may be used to prevent leakages of water tank, boat and so on
  3. Features rubberized and bendy backing that right away attaches to any surface
  4. Manufactured from UV resistant and help a huge temperature
  5. Portable
  6. Lightweight
  7. Durable

Package Contains:

Flex Tape 4″ x 5′


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