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Do you want a Seat Massager? bring a comfortable Seat Massager. You can use it on a work chair, sofa, and car seat. It adjusts the accommodation of those returning and loosens the waist when they stay longer. Because the dynamic power converts down cars running a 12v DC current from a simple car socket. But as a result you can enjoy relaxing on the floor at the same time as driving. The make-up is therefore designed for proper rubbing and contributes to the circulation of the body’s blood.


The Car Seat Massager works with trembling especially which helps to boost blood circulation for the back, lower back and thighs, where the muscles become stronger in long sitting. It will make  warm, cool humidity to your home. If you want it on your door step so order us to clicking on below button and get free shipping on all over Pakistan


  • 4 Powerful Massagers
  • 3 individual Massage Zones
  • Massage Upper & Lower back
  • Multi Function Controller
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap
  • Full Size Seat Topper
  • Home/Car Adaptors


  1. How to use:

  • Connect the AC wire of the Car Seat Massager to the AC feed. Sit on a sofa or chair and tie a chair to the massage.
  • Power button Press the Car Seat Massager panel.
  • You can choose to turn on the three parts of the massage method, A for comfort.
  • You can turn on the heat option in this Car Seat Massager. Also, you can repeatedly press the Inflate button to fill the air in the cold.
  • Use a 12V Car Sever Massager car adapter that you can use in your car.
  • After use remove the AC wire for Car Seat Massager and store it safely.


  1. Material:

  • Plastic


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