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Naaptol Pakistan

naaptol pakistan big online store

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Are you looking for air pressure leg massager  in Pakistan? In Pakistan it is a new and high quality product because it can help to improve circulation. One of the many benefits of this wonderful equipment is to exercise regularly any time, that improves blood circulation and blood flow throughout the body with little encouragement for those who are living an active life or recovering. The legs stay with a large group of muscles in your body, improving circulation here is a great way to support and care for your entire life.

Pressure Leg Massager massage gently that helps relieve fatigue and pain. Easy to operate and use. It stimulates circulation and relieves pain. It loosens muscle tissue and relaxes it. For those who suffer from inflammation and discomfort, it helps to improve blood circulation. The Air Pressure Leg Massager is completely flexible. Just choose the momentum and enjoy the comfort.

In our busy lives, we do not have time to go gym or in park for joging. This product really benefits the tired and stressed legs due to hard work. It reduces stress and reduces the feeling of survival. Now you can get beautiful and healthy legs every day by simply using this massager. It offers outstanding relaxation while sitting or sleeping. Sensitive areas are gently massaged.

You can choose the machine  according to your need, from soft health softening to strong muscle mass application. Have a good feeling every day, and say bye bye swelling of the legs.


1-It is useful for Lymphedema, Edema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Varicose Vein, Therapy.

2- Provides cooling and quick relief from fatigue, swelling, stiffness and sore muscles.

3-Air Pressure Boots.

4- 5-These boots improve the circulation of the lower body and help pump blood back to your heart.

6-Simple Velcro adjustment for custom fit Cycle Time: 15 seconds per room after another.

7-Suitable for people with limited mobility or diabetes.

8- It can be used pre-programmed or by manual methods.

9- This massager can be used anywhere, it is completely customizable, and works with battery for extra convenience.


  • Name:  Air pressure Leg Massager
  • Type:   Exercise Tool
  • Product Packing:
  • 4 Chamber Sequential Compression Therapy Set (Pump + 2 Half Leg or Full Leg Garment (Large or X Large) + Bilateral or Single Connector),
  • 220V 50/60 Hz machine, 110V.Compression Mode.
  • Pressure: 20 ~ 100 mmHg, 60 min Timer & Continuous Mode), Quick and Easy to use Connector w / Safety & Lock System.


This massager has a portable, wireless design and a variety of features. Some of these features include an air pressure control sensor, 3 intensity settings.


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