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National Joe Day 27 March2022

Because March 27 is now known as National Joe Day, if your name is Joe, you should consider it your second birthday. Don’t worry if your name is Joey, Josephine, Joanna, Jodie, or even Jo Jo, because today is also for you. We may have a history of referring to folks as “Average Joes,” but that is not the case today; today is your day, and you are anything but average. So, if your name is Joe, it’s time to celebrate a day dedicated to you, and if your name isn’t Joe, call all the Joes you know and wish them a happy National Joe Day.


Although the origin of this day is uncertain, we do know that Joe or Jo is a common name. Phrases like “Lucky Joe” and “Average Joe” are derived from this. Surprisingly, it can also apply to a hot cup of coffee. Around 1940, the phrase “cup of Joe” became common. Since then, the phrase has been synonymous with the common practise of drinking coffee.

“God will multiply,” is the meaning of the name Joseph. The name also comes from the Hebrew name “Yosef,” which means “He shall add.” Joseph is a significant figure in the Bible.

In the Old Testament, he was Jacob’s and Rachel’s son, who was exiled to Egypt and later became a Pharaoh.

Joseph was a popular name among Jews and Christians during the Middle Ages, and the name is still popular today across many cultures. Joe has consistently rated among the top 20 most common names in the United States throughout the twentieth century, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


For the day, change your name! Declare your new name to everyone and stick to it, but choose wisely. Any name that begins with the letter Jo is available, whether it’s a Joe, Jo Jo, Jodie, or even Joanne. This may seem perplexing to your family and friends, but go with it for the sake of having fun.
Do you have a Joe in your life who is special to you? Whether it’s a friend, someone you knew, or a celebrity, pay tribute to Joe. Even if they have a name that translates to Joe in another language. Yusuf, for example, is the Arabic equivalent of Joseph. Tell stories about a Joe you know or a Joe who lives in your family.
Why not give yourself a Joe (as in Joe)?


This day allows us to honour the renowned Joes that we admire. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jo Jo the musician, Joey Tribbiani from Friends, and JoJo Siwa are all named Joe. What’s to stop you? They’re awesome, and they’re on Team Joe!
We get to sing the Joe Day national anthem. On YouTube, 987TheBull has a “National Joe Day Song” about all of the famous Joes. Take a look at it.
Most of us know or have known a Joe at some point in our lives, therefore we all have someone to be thankful for.



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