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Little Red Wagon Day 30 March 2022

Little Red Wagon Day is celebrated on the final Wednesday in March, this year on March 30, as a thank you for those happy, breezy trips in a little red automobile pulled by mums or dads on a summer day. If you sailed in a red waggon in parades as a kid or were pushed around in a toy red van as a kid, now is the chance to revisit those memories and make some new ones.


Every child’s memory of the little red waggon is clear. The time spent travelling in a red waggon is unforgettable because it is bright, little, and pushed by an adult. Little Red Wagon Day was created by Radio Flyer, the red wagon’s parent business, to commemorate 100 years of producing one of the most popular and beloved children’s toys.

The small wagon’s history dates back to 1917, long before the company was even known as Radio Flyer. Antonio Pasin, the company’s founder, was a carpenter who built phonograph cabinets and kept his tools in a small waggon. The small waggon drew a lot of attention and piqued people’s interest. Pasin began producing the waggons in response to rising demand for the little cart, which was originally used as a toolbox. The Liberty Coaster Company was Pasin’s nascent company’s first name in 1923. With its upgraded version of steel stamped waggons, it was renamed Radio Steel & Manufacturing in 1930 and finally decided on Radio Flyer a few years later.

After the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933, where Pasin erected a 45-foot tall statue of a youngster riding the red waggon, the tiny red wagon’s popularity skyrocketed. Radio Flyer used the world’s largest red waggon to commemorate their 80th and then 100th anniversaries, paying honour to the only outdoor toy that has been passed down through generations. Since then, the small red waggon has provided smiles, encouraged imaginative play, and had a healthy, good impact on young children. We revive fond memories and celebrate the classic American toy every last Wednesday in March.


Whether you’ve passed down your red waggon as an heirloom to your child or it’s been parked in storage, it’s time to get it out and about in the neighbourhood. Let your neighbours know it’s Little Red Wagon Day, and encourage them to do the same as you all parade your children through the parks and streets!

The renowned small red waggon or the Radio Flyer firm has appeared in numerous films and television series. “Little Red Wagon,” a docudrama, is even titled after it. Cozy up with your family and a bag of popcorn while watching one of these films.
Apart from encouraging your children to ride in the waggon on this day, get in the seat and take a picture of yourself to post on social media with a funny childhood memory. Use the hashtag #LittleRedWagonDay to spread love and joy.



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