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9 Must-Have Valentine’s Day Activities for the ESL Classroom

Valentine’s Day arrives, and “love is in the air,” as the popular song proclaims.
However, the holiday has evolved beyond the celebration of romantic love and is now regarded as a wonderful opportunity to honor all sorts of sharing and care. Why not use this holiday to teach your ESL students about the value of kindness and compassion in everyday life?

Here are 9 activities for Valentine’s Day that every ESL instructor should have:

1 A Little History of Valentine’s Day

We have two wonderful activities on BusyTeacher.org that allow kids to learn a little more about the history of Valentine’s Day while also practicing reading comprehension abilities. This Valentine’s Day Text and Activities worksheet, like the second worksheet Valentine’s Day Text and Activities # 2, gives good background information on the celebration as well as three reading comprehension problems.

2 Bingo for Valentine’s Day

What better way to brush up on your Valentine’s Day vocabulary than by playing Valentine’s Bingo? Make sure to introduce the new vocabulary, practice using it in context, and then have fun playing Bingo! For extra practice, have students utilize each new word you draw in a phrase.

3 Valentine’s Day Matching

Another excellent opportunity to brush up on your Valentine’s vocabulary. Simply print two sets of any of these 88 Valentine’s Day Coloring Sheets and have students participate in a fun Matching Game. After you’ve taught the kids the new terminology, have them color the papers and then glue them to poster board to construct your own Valentine’s flashcards. Students should mix them up, lay them out face down, and ask them to find the matching cards. Each card must be named and/or the words must be used in a sentence.

4 Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day Readings

Norman Bridwell’s lovely large red dog spends his first Valentine’s Day with Emily Elizabeth and gets himself into a lot of mischief while attempting to assist her in making Valentines for her friends. Discuss the value of expressing polite and warm messages to loved ones while reading with your young ESL students.

5 I Heart My ESL Class:  Valentine’s Day Crafts

Cut out different-sized hearts from various colored materials, poster board, magazines, wrapping paper, and so on… Depending on how much time you have, you can perform this before class or with your students. Students can use the hearts to create a creative collage by gluing them together to construct a love worm, gluing different sized hearts together to make heart people, or making a garden of heart-shaped flowers. Allow them to make whatever they want!

6 Famous Valentine’s Day Couples

Make a list of well-known couples, which could be renowned couples or just classic pairs, such as:

  • Romeo and Juliet are two of Shakespeare’s most famous characters.
  • Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Black and white salt and pepper for Batman and Robin
  • Tom and Jerry are a couple.
  • Hansel and Gretel is a fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel,

Cut out the first name in one piece, including the “and.” Fold all of the paper slips and place them in a bag. Students must sketch one and fill in the blanks with the missing pair. Students can be divided into teams and a score can be kept.

7 Board Games for Valentine’s Day

This board game challenges students to walk around the board and answer questions about relationships, making it a perfect activity for teen and adult ESL learners. Teams of three to four students can be formed from large groups. You may set a time limit for them and ask them to talk for a total of two minutes, for example. This is a fantastic way to start a conversation!

8 ESL Classroom Activities for Valentine’s Day A Song for Valentine’s Day

Without a cheesy, romantic love song, Valentine’s Day isn’t Valentine’s Day. With your class, listen to Wet Wet Wet’s Love is All Around and have them complete the gap-filling exercise. Alternatively, you can choose any other romantic love song. In fact, compare two songs, one from the 1970s or 1980s (Air Supply, Barry Manilow) and one from more recently. Have love songs evolved, or are they still essentially the same?

9 Valentine’s Day Love Letters

A reading of some of the world’s most famous love letters could not be more fitting for Valentine’s Day. It’s a terrific practice for advanced adult learners since it allows them to see inside the heads of prominent novelists, politicians, and world leaders as they expressed their sentiments for persons they cared about. Choose any of TheRomantic.com’s love letters, read them aloud to your students, and debate them. Make sure the one you choose is appropriate for your students’ grade level.



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