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7 Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

For young pupils, Valentine’s Day is one of the most thrilling occasions. Why? Of course, there will be crafts and candy!

Valentine’s Day Activities for Students

While an annual card exchange is always fun—and can be a good opportunity for kids to practice writing—students (and instructors!) also enjoy diversity. Here are seven Valentine’s Day classroom activities for elementary school pupils if you’re seeking for ways to celebrate on February 14. (For middle and high school students, see these Valentine’s Day activities.)

1. Make a list of all the nice things you can think of.

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love and kindness. Put all of your students’ names in a jar and let them choose one. Request that everyone write a few words on what they admire about that person and then swap notes. The notes can then be displayed in your classroom! You might even make this a larger Valentine’s Day activity for students, where younger students practice writing whole sentences and older students practice paragraph structure.

2. Organize a door-decorating competition.

eachers and students should be invited to adorn their classroom doors. Following the decorating, students can look at their classmates’ efforts and vote a winner based on both substance and appearance. The opportunity to be creative and express themselves will appeal to children. You may, for example, have students write on paper hearts what they enjoy about studying or about their friends.

3. Read some books about Valentine’s Day.

It may seem simple to read a Valentine’s Day picture book, but this is the ideal holiday to celebrate a love of reading. Here are a handful of our favorite Valentine’s Day books:

4. Create a collage of hearts.

Collect a variety of textures and have kids cut or make hearts of various sizes. They can attach them to paper to make an easy art project. This can be a fun solo art activity, or you can divide students into groups so they can experience being creative in a group setting.

5. Make a Valen-slime potion!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all ooey-gooey romance for you. With some Valen-slime, make it gooey in a new way! Here are the directions. Allow students to engage in various aspects of the slime-making process by calling them up one by one or in small groups.

6. Create an estimating jar for candy hearts.

Give everyone a chance to predict how many conversation hearts (or another little candy, such as M&Ms) are in a jar. Whoever is closest to the jar wins a part (or the entire jar if you’re feeling generous!). You may even make this into a math lesson for older children by giving them pointers on how they could have come up with an estimate using different ways.

7. Perform a science experiment with a crystal heart.

Simple materials can be used to grow crystals around pipe cleaner hearts. The process and transformation will wow your kids! Here are the whole instructions.

We hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day activities for kids. Remember to spread kindness and love in the classroom on a daily basis, not only on February 14th!



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